Job vacancy in a RADNEXT facility: Irradiation Instrument Scientist

Posted on 27 November 2023


The neutron irradiation capabilities at the ISIS neutron source of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory are designed to provide some of the world’s best accelerated testing facilities for single-event effects in electronics. ISIS has recently developed the NILE facility that consists of two small compact fast-neutron sources. This facility also has applications in more general fast-neutron irradiation areas within related field such as fusion and materials science. NILE joins and complements the development of the ChipIr instrument which since 2018 has been providing the international electronics and avionics industry with advanced testing capability, unique in Europe, to understand and mitigate again the effects of ‘atmospheric’ neutrons.

We are looking for a scientist or instrument developer who can make major contributions to the development of NILE facility at ISIS, collaborate to the development and operations of ChipIR, and who will take a lead in expanding the industrial and academic communities using our facilities for irradiation testing.

More information and application:

ChipIr facility of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (image: RAL)