RADNEXT Boards & Panels

Project Consortium Board (PCB)

The RADNEXT Project Consortium Board (PCB) is composed of the contractual beneficiaries and partners in the project. It is the top decision-making and arbitration body. It includes one representative per beneficiary and partner of the project and includes a Scientific Coordinator and two deputy Scientific Coordinators (ex-officio and without voting rights), who will be selected by the board members during the first RADNEXT PCB meeting. Each beneficiary has one vote and decisions will be taken by consensus and the majority of the votes, if consensus is not achieved.

The PCB has the authority to decide on project strategic issues such as modifications of the programme work (if applicable) and admission of new beneficiaries and partners. It will review and evaluate the progress of the project during the RADNEXT annual meetings, and will meet at least twice per year: once during the annual meeting, and on a second occasion via teleconference. Further meetings can be called by the Scientific Coordinator.

PCB Chairs: Jan Budroweit (DLR)

No. Beneficiary / Partner Board member / Scientific contact
0 Scientific Coordinator Rubén García Alía (without voting rights)
0 Deputy Scientific Coordinator Frédéric Saigné (without voting rights)
1 CERN Brennan Goddard (delegating his vote to Rubén García Alía)
2 CSL-ULiege Alain Carapelle
3 KU Leuven Paul Leroux
4 UCL Nancy Postiau
5 TRIUMF Camille Belanger-Champagne
6 PSI Wojtek Hajdas
7 ELI-Beams Roberto Versaci
8 NPI CAS Daniil Koliadko
9 GSI Marco Durante
10 HZDR Anna Ferrari
11 Fraunhofer INT Jochen Kuhnhenn
12 PTB Benjamin Lutz
13 UO Björn Poppe
14 CLPU María D. Rodríguez Frías
15 UC3M Luis Entrena
16 USE Yolanda Morilla
17 JYU Arto Javanainen
18 CNES Françoise Bezerra
19 CNRS Annick Billebaud
20 ESRF Ennio Capria
21 GANIL Eloïse Dessay
22 ILL Caroline Boudou
23 IROC Maximilien Glorieux
24 ISAE Vincent Goiffon
25 UJM Sylvain Girard
26 UM Frédéric Wrobel
27 UKRI Carlo Cazzaniga
28 ENEA Andrea Colangeli
29 UniPd Marta Bagatin
30 UMCG Brian Jones
31 UU Alexander Prokofiev
32 Seibersdorf Laboratories Peter Beck
33 DLR Jan Budroweit
34 ALTER Technology Gonzalo Fernandez
35 INTA Maria Teresa Álvarez
36 3D Plus Pierre Xiao Wang
37 Airbus Renaud Mangeret
38 ATRON Arnaud Chapon
39 Mines Paris Pierre Jouvelot

Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

The SAP members are appointed by the PCB based on their expertise in the activity areas of the RADNEXT project. The SAP is responsible for advising the PCB on technical and strategic matters related to the RADNEXT project.


  • Anastasia Pesce, SAP Chair
    Head of the Radiation Hardness Assurance and Component Analysis section, ESA/ESTEC
  • Véronique Ferlet-Cavrois
    Head of the Power Systems, EMC and Space Environments division, ESA/ESTEC
  • Jonathan Pellish
    Electronic Parts Manager, Deputy Manager of the NASA Electronic Parts & Packaging (NEPP) Program, NASA
  • Philippe Paillet
    International Expert, Research Director and R&D project manager, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
  • Maria Teresa Alvarez
    Head of Space Radition and Space Weather Laboratory, National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA)
  • Jan Budroweit
    Team Lead Radiation Effects in Space Systems, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Damien Lambert
    Research and Development Engineer, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
  • Michael J. Campola
    Radiation Effects and Analysis Group Leader, NASA GSFC

Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP)

The IAP members are appointed by the PCB based on their expertise in the activity areas of the RADNEXT project. The IAP is responsible for advising the PCB on technical and strategic matters related to the RADNEXT project.


  • Renaud Mangeret, IAP Chair
    Radiation Senior Expert, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Magali Haussy
    Space Radiation Manager and Industrial Property Manager, Thales Alenia Space in Belgium
  • Christian Chatry
    CEO and founder, TRAD
  • Jens Verbeeck
    CEO, MAGICS Instruments NV
  • Tudor Chirila
    Project Manager for HiRel Products, Infineon Technologies AG
  • Gerald Soelkner
    Physicist, Senior Principal, Infineon Technologies
  • Philippe Roche
    Company Fellow Radiation and R&D Director High Reliability, STMicroelectronics
  • Gilles Gasiot
    Principal Engineer, Member of the Technical Staff, STMicroelectronics
  • Pierre Xiao Wang
    Radiation Center Manager, 3D PLUS
  • Gonzalo Fernández Romero
    Technical Advisor and Procurement Quality Director, ALTER Technology

User Selection Panel (USP)

The USP is an ad hoc panel composed of the SAP and IAP members, as well as the Transnational Access WP leaders (WP3, WP9 and WP10).

The USP evaluates Transnational Access proposals and assigns beam time to RADNEXT users. The USP will carry out its evaluation based on the scientific excellence of the proposals, their impact on the radiation effects community, the implementation description and feasibility. The USP will also consider the best match between the proposed activity, the characteristics and availability of the facilities, balancing the beam time allocation within the consortium. Representatives of the RADNEXT facilities may act as advisors for single proposals.

User Support Expert team (USE)

Requests by less-experienced users for a support in the feasibility evaluation of their proposals, are handled by the User Support Expert team (USE). USE supports these users in the drafting phase of TA proposals, and advice on project-specific aspects to avoid unrealistic planning, identify and decrease potential risks, and integrate the expert’s experience into the test plans.


  • Stefan Höffgen,
    working on all aspects of radiation effects analysis and testing at Fraunhofer INT since 2005
  • Michael Steffens,
    working on radiation effects in electronics, test methods and simulations at Fraunhofer INT since 2014
  • Matteo Cecchetto,
    working on testing and simulation of radiation effects in the Radiation To Electronics (R2E) project at CERN since 2016

Contact: radnext-usecern.ch