Illia Zymak

Postdoc researcher (WP08, WP04)
ELI Beamlines


I have obtained expertise in electronics within my master degree program in physical electronics at Sumy State University. My PhD study at Charles University in Prague was focused on the experimental research of elementary processes in plasma. After obtaining a doctoral degree, I worked on development of the instrumentation to study chemical composition of medium and parameters of plasma for laboratory and space applications at several European facilities. At the current position at the ELI Beamlines I work on the electron beam diagnostic and study radiation effect to electronics proposed for implementation in low-cost devices for the space application, e.g. CubeSats.


My tasks in the RADNEXT project will be characterization of the ultra-short and ultra-high dose rate electron beams generated by the Laser Wakefield electron accelerator (LWFA) both experimentally and theoretically using Monte Carlo models and optimization of the electron beam transport for the irradiation experiments. I will also work on the experimental study of effects to electronics induced by picosecond kiloampere range electron beams and characterization of these processes using Monte Carlo code.