Maxence Guénin

Postdoc researcher (WP07)


Having graduated from Grenoble INP Phelma engineering school with a master degree in nanoscience, I started a PhD at ONERA in Palaiseau. The study consisted in an algorithmical analysis of random telegraph signal in cooled HgCdTe infrared sensors. After this I joined ISAE Supaero where I worked as a research engineer for one year. I participated in the characterization and testing of the CAMRAD sensor, a sensor with a radiation hardening design, with very high TID dose. This year I am still working in ISAE as a postdoc in the context of the RADNEXT WP7.


The general objective of my work in WP7 (Deliverable 7.3) is to evaluate the relevance of the use of Si p-n junctions and visible pixel arrays as a total non-ionizing dosimeter to compare radiation facilities. I will be studying the effect of TNID on the dark current values and distributions of standardized commercial p-n junctions and pixels arrays. Different particles (neutrons, electrons…) and energies will be used.