Work Package WP09/TA1

Neutron, muon and mixed-field spallation facilities and irradiation

Carlo Cazzaniga
WP leader
Camille Belanger-Champagne
Deputy WP leader

WP Description

The work package will provide transnational access to 14 facilities for the irradiation of electronics with neutron, muon and mixed-fields. The offer of neutron beams is the core of the WP, and covers a wide range of energy and fluxes, including atmospheric neutrons, thermal neutrons, monoenergetic and quasi-monoenergetic, low and intermediate energy white beams. Two facilities, providing muons and high energy mixed field, are unique of their kind and offer exciting research possibilities.

Users will submit their experimental proposals, which will be reviewed for excellence by the RADNEXT User Selection Panel (USP). The USP will provide support for the selection of the suitable facility and proper beams for users research needs. This is especially important for the new users who might not have prior experience on radiation effects testing.

Successful users will get the opportunity of beam time and financial support for their travel to the test facilities.

Promptly after (within a month) their test campaign, the users are required to provide a test report including a short summary of the preliminary test results obtained during the campaign, also discussing the possible problems encountered. The goal is that users will produce a large and diverse array of publications and particular attention will be devoted to the principle of open access, in accordance with the spirit of Horizon 2020.

Beam ON! (Courtesy of UKRI-STFC and HZDR)