Work Package WP10/TA2

Proton, heavy ion and alternative beams and irradiation

Françoise Bezerra
WP leader
Arto Javanainen
(University of Jyväskylä)
Deputy WP leader

WP Description

This WP provides Transnational Access for scientific users to a diverse network of proton and heavy-ion facilities providing energetic beams for SEE testing. The beam energies provided are ranging from low energy protons of below MeV energies up to ultra high heavy ions at several GeV/u. There are also facilities capable of producing highly focused micro ion beams that will be useful in characterizing the fine structures in the microelectronic components and their spatial radiation response with fine resolution. The core of the TA beams is formed by facilities that provide heavy-ion and proton beams that meet requirements set by the common SEE test standards (ESCC and MIL). These facilities are e.g. UCL in Belgium, PSI in Switzerland and JYU in Finland. The beams provided by the other “non-standard” facilities complement excellently the selection of available beams for SEE testing. With all the participating facilities this WP can offer a great network for conducting state of the art radiation effects research using energetic protons and heavy ions.