Work Package WP03/NA2

Transnational access management and harmonization

Salvatore Fiore
WP leader
Jochen Kuhnhenn
(Fraunhofer INT)
Deputy WP leader

WP Description

Efficiently awarding beam time to radiation effects users worldwide will be the cornerstone of the RADNEXT project, therefore a clear and effective approach to the Transnational Access is a key requisite for success.

To this aim, WP03 is fully devoted to the management of the Transnational Access (TA) activities: application for beam time, coordination of the user selection and support, optimised management of the test related activities by the facilities. In particular, WP03 tasks will deal with:

  • the management of TA applications through a web portal, including the provision of detailed information about the network of facilities; the beam awarding procedures, through the evaluation by a User Selection Panel with short lead times, and the support of less experienced users by a team of experts for the design of their experiments before submitting their proposals;
  • the definition of a data model for the management of users and experiments related information, the selection of a digital platform capable of handling such data and the exploration of Natural Language Processing techniques to support the evaluation of TA requests;
  • the harmonisation of the procedures for the access to facilities, through collection and discussion of the procedures in use, discussion with academic and industrial users about common needs, assessment of best practises to ensure successful exploitation of the infrastructures. All this will also aim at improving the facilities’ compliance with the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures.