Work Package WP07/JRA3

Cumulative radiation effects on electronics

Jérôme Boch
(University of Montpellier)
WP leader
Vincent Goiffon
Deputy WP leader

WP Description

In this Work Package (WP7-JRA3) a study of the cumulative radiation effects on electronics will be accomplished. Cumulative effects in electronics are highly relevant both for actual applications (e.g. space, high-energy accelerators, nuclear dismantling, etc.) as well as related to by-product effects of Single Event Effects (SEE) testing.

Two main tasks will be studied. The first one is interested in ionizing dose effects (TID = Total ionizing Dose). The second concerns the non-ionizing dose (TNID = Total Non-Ionizing Dose, generally known as Displacement Damage).

The main objective is to understand the physical mechanisms behind the damage and to propose test methodologies adapted to the use of electronic component and system.

Results derived from this WP will be integrated in recommendations and guidelines related to the complementarity and representativeness of different experimental conditions with respect to those encountered in applications.

(Courtesy of ISAE-SUPAERO and University of Montpellier)