Work Package WP08/JRA4

Complementary modelling tools

Frédéric Wrobel
(University of Montpellier)
WP leader
Giuseppe Lerner
Deputy WP leader

WP Description

This WP will develop and apply tools and approaches for modelling radiation effects on electronics. These require a multi-physics approach, at radiation-matter interaction, semiconductor physics and circuit level. The modelling efforts will be focused on:

  • Benchmarking simulation tools to be used for SEE applications as complement to experimental data, in order to enhance the understanding of the interpretation of results and effects, as well as to extending the latter to scenarios not accessible experimentally.

  • Establishing SEE equivalences between different radiation fields, thus increasing the qualification alternatives and relaxing, when possible, the radiation field similarity requirements between test and applications. The proposed approach will on the one side be driven by the SEE categories and technologies identified as most relevant for the next ~5 years of electronics operation, and on the other, be applied and benchmarked against actual experimental data on relevant components. Moreover, modelling aspects will extend beyond the three physical levels (radiation-matter interaction, device and circuit) and include system level modelling approaches.

  • Providing transversal support to the RADNEXT TA and JRA activities in terms of Monte Carlo simulation studies aimed at improving the description and understanding of the radiation fields in experimental beam and facilities.

(Courtesy of University of Montpellier)